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Penn vs Aldo who wins?


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Faber is a 135er and he didn't finish him... what would make people think he could beat a 155er that had gold around his waist at lightweight and welterweight?


If Penn went back to 155 he's clearly the number 2 fighter there no questions asked. Anyone that thinks otherwise is crazy he just doesn't match up well with Edgar. Penn is use to being the faster fighter and that's one the reasons he can be successful at 170 but Edgar is so much faster. He's just hard as hell to get your hands on but Penn still won the first fight IMO. I gave him 1' date='2 and 3 and Edgar 4 and 5. Now rounds 1 and 2 were clearly Penn. The third round was close. The 4th and 5th were clearly Edgars. In the end though it doesn't matter because the little guy actually earned at 50-45 in the second fight.


Penn would destroy so many of these hyped up lightweights. Everyone was hyping Guillard up like he could beat anybody and Lauzon ***** slaps and strangles him in seconds. Imagine what Penn would do to Guillard. Melendez, Henderson, Guida, Miller, Pettis, Maynard, Cerrone and any lightweight not named Frankie Edgar would be lucky to wake up if they stepped in the cage with Penn.


Aldo just recently set the record straight about the move up in this interview. He doesn't seem interested in 155 anytime soon.


"If he (Edgar) moves down, no problem"




[u']On the press conference after the fight, Dana White said he wants to see Frankie Edgar, lightweight champion, dropping to the featherweight and fighting you. How would it be Aldo vs. Edgar?[/u]


Man, I think it?s great. Frankie is the lightweight champion, so, if he moves down, no problem. Just like Kenny did and others are doing? To me it?s ok. I?ll always fight the guys they point out for me to fight.


Do you consider going the other way around, moving up, or this thing about you having difficulties to cut weight is ********?


Move up is ********. If someone?s deciding it someday, it?s Pederneiras.


You always put this much thought into hypothetical scenarios?

I try to educate myself in the near-absolute, myself. Yeah, I realize you didn't ask. :P


I agree with everyone else. How on Earth could a guy who fights @ 170 be beaten by a man who walks around at 155-160?

Impossible, not even better footwork, more diverse striking, and a huge speed advantage could theoretically even the odds.


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