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Mr. G_row, anyone help


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Sorry for the show of newbiness on this forum, But I am new here. But I havn't figured out how to pm G_row. I have a question concerning my avatar. I'm tempted to change it to a sexy b**** pic. There's this one I like with 3 hot a** women in g-strings, but I was wondering if the g-string would be too much and bannable? Its not showing anything like the private area or anything, just good a**. Serious question. Don't want to get banned before I get to make to 100 posts lol:p I'll pm the link if someone likes, or I'm sure you'll find it if you yahoo it by searching "g string" on the images tab. Should be on the first page. 3 girls in g strings posing in front of a modded street car. Thanks! Not trolling or anything. Honest question.


P.S - If you want the link or find it, the one on the right (Long loose curly haired brunnette) is my favorite:p

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No problem' date=' and welcome to the forum![/quote']


Thanks! Everyone's been pretty nice for the most part!

First ban is like a day' date=' and i don't think you will be banned for that anyways[/quote']

Thanks! Hope its not bannable. I would so marry the woman on the right. She is no girl lol:p

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