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Favorite TV Shows


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The one with Balki who used to say 'Dont be rediculous'.


I think Hammer may not be the name of the other show' date=' but I am pretty sure the guy was called Mike Hammer, he may or may not have been a cop.[/quote']


Jesus dude Im LOLing I remember Balki. what a gay show.


Im starting another thread.

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DragonBallz (Vegeta, Brolly, and Buu is the s***)

Criminal Minds

American Idol

Deadliest Warrior

World's Dumbest

Comedy Standup (Ex. Chris Rock, funny as hell)


Some of the oldies and reruns I used to watch and still do from time to time:

Three's Company

Happy Days



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avatar the last airbender was probably my favorite kids show' date=' too bad I heard they ****ed up the movie[/quote']


It has been on all day, but I have seen them all.

I loved the movie. I hate that it got such bad reviews. Now they will not make the other two.

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