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Jim's Swartz's reaction.....Overreaction??


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So I'm watching the halftime show of the Bears game and of course they bring up the Jim Schwartz situation with Jim Harbaugh after showing the highlights of the 49ers win over the Lions earlier today. Rodney Harrison, who I never particularly cared for as a player and has now carried over to be an analyst, goes on to say that J. Harbaugh should not have patted "another grown man" on his back....Really????? Why would you make an idiotic statement like that? Has the NFL really become that sensitive and turned into that much of a pansy league? First you can't touch the quarterbacks anywhere and now the coaches?? So what if your hand was shook a little harder than usual (which I have got to believe that it was more to it than that...something had to have been said hostile)?? and God forbid if he should pat you on the back because he's a lil excited. Grow a pair Schwartz and take your loss like a man and not like a pansy.



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