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Football player dies from head injury sustained during game


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a freak accident involving the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time, possibly with the wrong helmet. Ive seen and been a part of absolutely brutal football collision and other then a little ring in the ears(which could of been from getting hit in the side of the helmet because if it gets hit in a certain way it tends to do that.)


The school will no doubt be under investigation for improper safety procedures/out of daate equipment

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the kid's only 16' date=' damn that sucks for all involved.


well, at least they've been established as a legitemate sport, if that happened in mma then there'd be a big media frenzy.[/quote']


MMA would be in shambles :(


yeah' date=' sanctioned MMA fights should be 18+... imagine if a 16 y/o died in MMA.[/quote']


that would be tragic

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