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UFC 137 tickets for sale


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we had bought 6 tickets now 4 of my friends are not coming due to change in card... I will still be there but trying to get the cost of our other 4 tickets back


tell those nancies to harden up... the card is better without gsp.


look what happened to 129, it was great up until the main event which ruined the whole lot.


If I were you I'd demand they pay for the tickets and they can try and sell them if they want. but to say they will go, and then there's a change and they don't want to after the tickets are already bought.... I would get angry. Just me though :)

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I've heard that Ticketmaster is honoring refunds now.


I'm still on the fence about going. I'm pretty unhappy, but we may just go anyways. With so little time left and multiple reservations we'd have to cancel and other event tickets to try and get refunded, it's just a huge headache at this point.

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