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Can you imagine 'The Dragon' beating "Bones'?


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Jones will beat Machida. That is all. Some people choose to hate on obvious greatness, some choose to accept and enjoy it.


Jones is a talent like we've never seen before. I saw GSP in his first UFC fight and said "That's the future Champion.". Jones has just had me thinking "Holy crap!". Jones' cryptonite isn't in the LHW division people. You are going to have to wait till he has to move up to HW before you MIGHT get any satisfaction for your hatred of this incredible talent. But I wouldn't hold my breath on that one either.

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its perplexing to be honest.


When you re watch the Thiago Silva fight (keeping in mind that Silva showed a granite chin prior to that fight, and destroyed good fighters in devastating fashion) you would say hell yes Lyoto can, and will likely defeat JBJ


But when you watch the second Shogun fight, where he was obliterated, paired with the Shogun /Bones fight, you think he's in for a long night...


Having said both of those points, I believe JBJ belongs in HW and by hiding in LHW beating smaller fighters is proving himself to be somewhat of a ******...

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