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gsp finishing


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He still wouldnt finish

Agreed. He would perform it wrong like the Hardy armbar incident.


Easy, GSP'ers I'm only kidding. They shouldn't allow knees to the head of downed opponents or soccer kicks in the UFC because they are just too dangerous for the fighters. A properly placed knee to the top of the head can cave in the skull. You think fighters are getting injured now? There would be a lot more if they changed the rules to allow those.


All they need to add is the yellow card system to make fights more interesting.

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if they brought in knees to a grounded opponent then he could probably get more finishs same with john fitch


which to me proves why there shouldn't be knees to a grounded opponent.


Not that i don't want GSP to get more finishes but in different positions its almost impossible to defend and would ruin a lot of the technique aspect of the ground imo.

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