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Kos vs Condit should be happening!!


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So if Kos was to win


Do you really wanna see GSP vs KOS 3


No thanks' date=' i've seen enough jabs for one card


Yes Penn should go for a 5 rounder with Diaz[/quote']


If Koscheck wins then...



Diaz faces GSP if he beats Penn if Diaz loses then.



Ellenberger faces GSP if he beats Diego.


There's more options than this, but obviously the plan wasn't to give Koscheck a third fight with GSP but to legitimize Condit as threat to GSP which beating Condit would prove, keeping the amazing card as amazing, keeping Condit active and so on.

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If Kos win then he wins of course no title shot for him. There are a lot of WW contenders out there waiting in line for the title shot. Nick Diaz' date=' Jake Ellenberger, Rory Macdonald. This is just for the show[/quote']


Rory MacDonald is far from a contender. Nick Diaz and Ellenberger basically get a shot if they win though.


Rory has 3-4 more wins to go, being so young and only on a 2 fight winstreak after Condit finished him. 3-4 fights and that's being generous, he also said he'd go up to 185 before fighting GSP.


Yeah, Diaz and Ellenberger need to win to keep the division healthy. Hendricks beats Fitch and he skyrockets to a contender, Story beats Kampmann and he's right in the mix, Rumble ever beats someone worth mentioning and he will be too.

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I agree 100% that it should be a 5 round fight, but thats asking a lot of Diaz and even more-so of Penn since they have both been training for a 3 round fight. Im sure Diaz would be able to go 5 rounds cause hes always in crazy good shape but I dont know about Penn...And there is only 10 more days before the fight.


I would like to see Kos vs. Condit, but not until Condit fights GSP.

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What about Fitch


If he finishes his next fight (thats a giant "IF")


Would he be in the mix??

Just asking



lol. Agreed..its a GIANT if. But regardless, I think he should have had his shot before Shields got his...Fitch has cleaned the division out(besides GSP), and now he is fighting Hendricks? Fitch is arguably top 3 in the division and they put him against someone that isnt even in the top 10....

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Personally after GSP pulled out I would have liked to see the UFC make Condit fight Diaz for the main event and the number one contender spot and then make Fitch come in and fight BJ on short notice since Fitch has been complaining that Penn took a fight other than the rematch. Hell if Fitch wouldn't take the fight then let Kos come in and fight BJ. Condit vs Diaz would be a sick fight with real ramification and we could finally get this Fitch vs Penn 2 going. Make it happen UFC.

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