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UFC 143 A Eulogy


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MMA as you know it is dead, long live MMA.


Before that seething hate you have is turned into poorly constructed flaming, this is not a Carlos Condit hate rant, it's merely an observation (feel free to press the back button and avoid the rest of the thread now).

Last night is a sign of things to come in MMA and the writing has been on the wall for quite sometime now. Those of you who went in praying for an unconscious man to hit the floor last night in the main eevent were of course upset by what traspired as Condit executed a masterful gameplan for dealing with Diaz and outworked him for 5 rounds.

Was it dissapointing? Well a little but not for the reason you think it is (to me anyway). That was the future last night, the big dogs of the divisions will be much more cerbral in the future and the glory days of the brawl will be a thing of the past (in championship fights) as the sport becomes more mainstream so too will it's fighters as carefully constructed gameplans will be executed with almost robotic precision.

There will still be finishes, just not as often and not as risky. The old gaurd like Diaz will become little more than gatekeepers and also rans, their brand of fighting will be countered by the carefully crafted gameplan said to exploit their weakness in an effort to frustrate rather than finish.

I loved Condit's gameplan and that he was able to tenaciously stick to it and get results is what really impressed me. Diaz bothers me in a way few sports figures do, as a person. As a fighter his risky always moving forward style is always awesome, and you rarely see him in bad fights, but last night was just further proof to me that fights in the UFC and any other mainstream MMA organization will begin to mold to this. Fighters who rely more on thought than instinct.

It's not a bad thing it's just the evolution of the sport, adapt or die as they say.

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I dont think thats true. I dont even think Carlos will fight like that again(unless he fights Diaz again). That was just a wise gameplan. He knew that his aggressive style would play right into Diaz hands.


Ive never been a fan of brawling though. Id rather go to a bar to watch that. I dont consider Diaz a brawler. Brawlers dont use technical punches like Diaz, nor do they use head movement and footwork. Diaz has an aggressive pressure style. He doesnt stand flatfooted in front of another fighter and swing until one of them drops...


But still, I really dont see the UFC changing...I just saw Condit fight a smart fight and do what he needed to to get the win.

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