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aethlefirth, I'm calling you out bruh!


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^ damn.... So you have been a little busy...


What's the best thing you have killed so far?



Just the norm really, no trophies.. A cow elk , 2 doe deer, 1 small buck deer, 1 buck antelope and 1 doe antelope.. Lots of ducks and geese.. I leave in the 11th for nebraska. I have 2 buck tags and 2 doe tags..I will be on private land and hopefully in the middle of the rut so maybe I can find a nice buck..

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Dude' date=' that is so BOSS!


Hope you are taking pic's, would make for an awesome thread at CD[/quote']


I havnt really. lol.. Like I said its just another year so far, havnt killed anything worth bragging about... I guess it would be like you taking pics of your grocery cart.. Just filling the freezer.. I do hope that I can get a couple nice bucks in nebraska. I will definately take pics. Wish you and shinny lived closer id invite you for a beer and bbq..


Actually I do have a few hunting pics for cd. Let me get the nebraska trip out of the way and I will make a thread with them...

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Aerthlefirth is too old' date=' past his prime, he ain't no Randy, Shube would smash him[/quote']


acctually i have just re-found my prime! i just completed my fitness instructor training and have passed my physical/practical exam for my personal training qualification and just need to pass the theory!


i work out 5 days a week RT and cardio 2-2.5 hrs a day!


im pretty sure i could handle him!:D

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Rock' date=' paper, scissors. GO!




Scared bruh? Yeah, you should be, you don't want none of this! Go run off with your boyfriend GSP and live a happy life together under a rock or man up and FIGHT ME!
















you beat me!!!!!



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Dang mang. That was quick. You REALLY wanted to show me this pic didn't you? lol.

j/k man. Looking good brah. I'm on my way back to that place as we speak. Been sitting on my bum a few years, just getting back in the swing of all things fitness again.


Got any suggestions for a hyper intense case of acid reflux?

I was doing a three day fast about 4 years ago, and broke the fast with Mexican food like an idiot. And immediately went into reflux. Went one year with no meds, at the end of one year had pollups on my throat and the beginning of eso****eal throat cancer, had to get on Nexium. Been on Nex 3 yrs now. Hate taking it, as it zaps my energy levels, kills my calcium/magnesium absorption, which in turn kills my nutrient absorption rate, which kills my energy levs. I stopped taking it for 4 mos, but the pain was too much. Was taking Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic Whole Honey with Tumeric, but that didn't help much. Only the Emaprozole in the Nexium works.


I hate taking the Nexium, hate taking meds period. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.

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