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Do you think Penn should retire?


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Brother, I'm no fan of Penn... BUT


I do not think he should retire...


He is still only young(ish) & can still hang with 80% of the

LW/WW divisions.


It was a spur of the moment comment he made - i hope, with Rogan.


BUT he did say IF he cannot be/beat the best he wont continue, + he has another

baby on the way etc.


IF he had cardio, what could of been.


Still a definate for the HoF.

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Man I never know where I stand with Penn. One minute I hate the guy and the next I regret that the sport is taking a hit by losing another patriarch.


If he wants to go out on his own terms, so be it. I can respect the fact that he doesn't wanna fizzle anymore than he has and focus on his baby. On another note I'm just depressed that Cro Cop is officially done.. I'm only 22 but even I can say that all of us mma fans are looking at the end of an era.

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