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BJ Penn Hall of Famer?


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let's objectivly look at his UFC record since he got back from K-1.




there it is.


BJ Penn is an amazing fighter and he should of been in the HoF but he pissed his carreer away by being an idiot and being the laziest top fighter ever. I mean it's cool to note the potential and talent this man had. But if we start sticking to the facts his carreer is a big ****ing disappointment, just like many other athletes in the world in every sports who didn't give their 100%.


edit: well in all fairness I think he should probly still be in there because he's widely recognized to be one of the best. But I still get pissed thinking about how lazy he is. If he had worked his *** like GSP does he would've been the Anderson Silva of the lower weights but instead he was a guy from who we never really knew what to expect.

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