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Carlos Condit should be compensated for this BS


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disrespectful how?

They could have given him another fight but then he wouldn't be ready for a fight when GSP is ready,that would be disrespectful.

Even if he said ok,he would be risking a loss which would remove his title shot.The way it works as is he waits until GSP is ready,they figure 2 months "maybe" then they fight for title,i think that is 100% fair and the ONLY real solution.


I surely hope we are not implying that GSP should fight injured that would disrespect BOTH fighters,in that Condit would have a tainted win and GSP would not be treated with respect either.The bottom line is injured fighters are not allowed to fight unless they are good at hiding the injury.

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yeah rashad should have fought for the title right after he beat rampage like what was originally announced at that time. but **** happens and there are much better fights that turn up


in a way if this fight doesnt go down, condit is being compensated by the UFC by not having his reputation humiliated as being another one of those striker guys that just lays on his back defenseless as gsp works him over on the ground for the whole fight. that's the likely outcome of that fight in a nutshell


we all know diaz vs gsp will be a much better fight to watch anyways. it has potential to go either way. i doubt he would be able to hold diaz to the ground for 25 minutes, nor would he be able to shut his mouth up.

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