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Great Cerrone Post Fight Interview


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Hard not to love this guy, honest as hell and laid back as well. Humble about talk of title picture and stripper issues.




lets hope he wins two more and somehow the mma gods decide he gets a shot at the belt come march 2012 in Australia! (dreaming but hey who knows)

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well with regards to the Phan fight i think that would have to come off a loss - not only would he drop in weight he would also drop in rankings to fight him, like reverse bully beatdown.. it wouldnt do anything for his progress, and its not his revenge to make. Phan disses leonard so his talented 'big brother' wants to beat him up?


I dont think Cerrone comprehends the unique position his performances have put him. He is now the most "ufc experienced" WEC fighter, add to this that he is winning in exciting fashion.


Main card fight against a top 5 LW contender for sure

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