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Diaz said GSP is scare ?


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Diaz was afraid to fight MAyhem Miller,instead he wants old guys like Shamrock and Penn who have no cardio.Or small guys like Noons who poses no take down threat so he can just use his reach and pop shot him all day.MOST of these guys actually have very poor cardio so he needs little effort to dispose of them.The UFC has many more fighters with better skillsets and cardio,so Diaz would be really pushed here.

It is comical to think Diaz would pose a threat,GSP is MUCH more powerful than any of these guys in take downs and Diaz WILL go down.GSP knows how to keep tight and remove the submission threats,Diaz would be lost in the fight, his best bet would be to win a trash talking contest pre fight,that is what he is better at.

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I just watched last nights press conference, and man, Nick's whole attitude changed the moment Dana announced that he was fighting GSP.


Diaz has some major issues. He angrily rambled on and on in his answers & almost sounded paranoid towards the end.


I actually think Diaz is a little intimidated by GSP. I wouldn't doubt it if he deliberately ducked the press conferences to get out of the last fight. It probably sounds like I'm just talking **** but I'm not. It's just the vibe I got from watching it.


Just a thought.. Dana is keeping Condit on the same card in case he does it again.

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