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UFC on Fox in Australia??


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Does anyone know how this will air in Australia? The UFC site has a blank page when you go to 'How to Watch'.


I did see an article regarding Fox utilizing Fuel TV as a medium for content delivery, but I can not see this fight listed on the Fuel TV schedule.....


Any info would be appreciated!

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Now 138 is done lets talk Fox 1.


Anybody have any more info on this in Australia.


I know Facebook and Foxsports.com but is that it?


No One HD or Fuel TV or ESPN?


I know about the main HW fight on Fox but the rest of the card?


Must be able to watch else where apart from the internet....



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Unsure... My mate called Foxtel and they said they are not showing :mad:


I hope One HD is showing it


Thanks Kranga.


I have looked & looked but it is the same old Facebook & Fox 1 ect.


My internet drops out quite often so I can't view much if anything via the net. I have to do this from my work computer.


This is why copies are made of the UFC. Dana will be on the war path with the copies going around after the event.

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