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Vladimir Matyushenko Vs Brandon Vera


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Id love to see Vlady beat the crap out of Vera. Brandon looked like crap in his last fight, he lost it imo. I was bummed to see Vlady lose in his last fight bust Gustaffson is a great fighter so it happens, would be really nice to see vlady rebound with a win over very. I really hope they put this fight together.

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I think Vlady would KO him. He does carry a good amount of power in his fists and Vera's chin looked horrible in his last fight.


Well I don't believe Vera has ever been clean KO'd. Jones elbowed him into the fetal position and I think it was Werdum that got him with punches. Both were tko's if my memory is serving me correctly.


Also I think Vera has the better striking technique. Now don't get me wrong I don't think Vera will win this at all. I just see Vlad overwhelming him with his superior strength and wrestling. This will then lead to Vera becoming less disciplined in the second and third rounds.


Vlad has his way with him for three rounds imo.

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