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Banutu SigBet 143 !


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I think Nick will take Condit, but Condit has more of a chance to upset Diaz than GSP does. He has so many tools and has great length. If he utilizes his kicks to keep distance rather than the jab he could make big trouble for Diaz. Hell now that I think about it with his great submissions, he is great off his back, and if Diaz tries to take him down in the event those caterpillars above his eyes open up and start bleeding into his eyes, one well timed knee which Condit is notorious for could end the fight. Now I am talking myself out of it I think Condit might have just as many advantage points depending on clinchwork and how they play that fence.

I got Big Country taking Werdum. Big Country has great top side jiu jitsu with way better take downs than Werdum and Werdum sucks on his feet, where he will be forced to stay and Roy will pound through that glass jaw pretty quickly despite distance. I call it the Rhino entrance when Roy comes in pumping that left jab with his head down and shoulder foward, he gives himself those crucial few inches of extra reach to bring him inside.


Sorry though I don't do sigbets if you want to message me we can have a real bet.

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