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Jon jones will hold the lhw and hw titles at the same time


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Mir would tear one on Jones spindly legs off and eat it in the Octagon, and I really dislike Frank Mir...I also hate Jon Jones.

Fact is, from the reports I read on this, Jones wanted to fight at HW, but Dana said no. Dana wants to protect Jones, and knows that anyone would be a threat for him at heavyweight.

Personally, I would put him in with Kongo if he moves up. I doubt that skinny neck can withstand a Kongo uppercut.

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i only see jds and overeem giving him problems.


Cain is done now' date=' JDS exposed him for having no standup and no ground game.[/quote']


No stand up and no ground game? Cuz he got clipped by one of the top 2 strikers in the division? You're just trollin now.


Cain, Carwin, Mir, JDS, Overeem would all mop the floor with him.


Even guys who are average at HW would have good chances at beating him.

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he has said he wants to fight a top 10 hw by the end of 2012 after beating rashad and hendo.


he will get fed a can like Mir then be elevated to a title shot and win now that the only man who had a chance of beating him has retired (Brock Lesnar)


our only hope of jones not doing this ...is this man:







It isn't out of the question.

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