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Donald Cerrone Is P4P The Number One Fighter (Your Opinion Is Invalid)


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Donald Cerrone is a highly regarded prospect in the UFCs LW division. He is constantly getting better and better. I don't even know why he trains anymore though when he is already the pound for pound best fighter on the planet. No, I'm not high or on drugs or anything, I have devastating proof as to why he is the P4P fighter, and it's also general consensus that he is! Don't look at me like I'm stupid when you are the one that is ignorant.


First of all, he's got great Muay Thai credentials. Dude has wicked leg kicks, fast and hard punches, and once he has you hurt he is going to swarm you like a group of hoodrats will swarm the local mall for the next release of the Michael Jordan shoe line. People were getting killed over those shoes, and with the way that Cerrone attacks people, I wouldn't be surprised if he sported a pair himself.


Second, his BJJ is great, unless it's against Benson Henderson. Dude is hella tricky on the ground. He's got more grappling credentials than Sasha Grey, and she's a BEAST on her back!


My third, final, and most important reason:

He ****ING pounded this out!



I don't care who you are, if you don't think this is the most important aspect of the P4P analysis, then GTFO and stop watching my sport. He straight rocked her standing, took her down, and pounded her out. She always won though. She had full mount on him, but he swept her with that amazing BJJ I was talking about, and finished her in full guard.


I'm cleaning this place up of all the fools and bringing some intelligence back to this forum!

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Do you think Brittney cried after the *** whoopin' Cerrone took from Nate? He looked like ****, blood all over his mouth, a chance of a broken jaw (Unlikely), blood on his eyes, tried acting like a badass giving Nate the finger, but after 2 rounds of hell, he got mocked on live television with millions watching. That'd be hard for Brittney to take if you ask me, lol. :D

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