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Welterweight Division


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IMO the 170lb division is the most exciting and most competitive division..


My top 10:

1. GSP

2. Nick Diaz

3. Carlos Condit

4. Josh Koscheck

5. Jon Fitch

6. Jake Ellenberger

7. Jake Sheilds

8. Thiago Alves

9. Diego Sanchez

10. Martin Kampmann


Fights coming up: Diaz vs Condit, Koscheck vs Pierce, Ellenberger vs Sanchez, Sheilds vs Akiyama, Alves vs Kampmann, Mills vs Mcdonald,


Then we got guys like Eric Silva, Mike Pyle, Johnny Hendricks, Rick Story, Dan Hardy, Josh Neer.


How I see the division playing out... Diaz vs GSP... Koscheck wins, Ellenberger wins, Sheilds wins, Alves wins, Mcdonald wins.. then Koscheck vs Sheilds, Ellenberger vs Alves, Mcdonald vs Sanchez, Hendricks vs Condit


Diaz beats GSP, faces winner of Ellenberger vs Alves or Koscheck vs Sheilds


In the end though... Thiago Alves will be champ in 2013 ;)


Discuss how you seen 170 playing out in 2012

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