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For the love of god please "threndless shirt" ppl get some hotter models please


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Ur shirts aint so bad but why do u have to have the uglyiest model with them on


Yah i get it...u wanna be the hipsters of shirts but really no one want to by a shirt that an ugo is wearing...it make ppl think that they look as dumb as the models weighing them


I mean its bizness 101 ppl for real...do u see beer adds with ugly ppl?...so u see high en make up ads with ugly ppl?...do u see acne ads with ugly ppl.




So stop making me have to look at these below then average ppl in a shirt i maybe think about buying


End rant.

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I mean look at the chick u got modeling the shirt of the 2 keyboard key that make the ":)" smile


She looks like becky the mini-van mom who drops lil tommy of to soccer practice but can stay to watch cuz the lil brat reminds her everyday of her ex-husband who treated her like **** and wonders why no man wants to touch her and her 3 lonely eggs


U want to look like that

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Good looking models are expensive


U got to break a few eggs to get an omlet u feel me


Aint no clothing company ever make any dime with ugly ppl using they product to sell it


How many proactive ads got a normaly chick who ugly talking to ppl...naw its alway a famous person like katy perry or a mormal girl who looks good "after" the product is applyed

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