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Nick Diaz commented on a UFC video!!


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Everyone's all replying to him now LOL!



This is what he commented on the video.


"1:09 I never said that !




LOL! Now if you go to the video, you see all these people replying to him going "Daamn!! NICK THATS REALLY U!! OH ****!! DUDE I LOVE YOU!! good luck in your fight!! dont be scared homie!" LOL! No joke, here's the link to that same vid. Diaz's comment was the highest rated one for a while, but not anymore. Go flip through the comment pages and you'll see it.


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LMFAOO. Bright commented on that video with the same username he used here i think. When i watched this video the latest comment was a reply to bright saying "stfu i wanna kick ur ****ing ***,once i lay my hands on ur glass chin u out boy". Bright replied to Nick Diaz "GSP is going to kick your *** *****"

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