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GSP Vs Diaz/Condit


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I think that once this fight happens (whether its Condit or Diaz) people will see that when the pace of the fight is pushed GSP can be an exciting fighter. In GSP's recent fights he may not have been very exciting, but its not like his opponents really did anything to push the pace of the fight. Dan got handled on the ground and did well in defending subs but other than that he just laid there, Kos basically just circled with GSP and ate jabs, Shields did about the same thing is Kos but I think he may have attempted a TD or 2 (been a while since I've watched this fight. Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz are both guys who are known the not allow fight to be boring. Which ever guy ends up fighting GSP will force GSP to fight an entertaining fight and people will see that GSP is still capable of giving a great performance. GSP's recent opponents just let George handle them, Condit/Diaz will not allow that.


GSP haters are gunna hate, but once the fight goes down they will be singing a different tune.

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