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Charlie Brenneman interview on Your MMA Radio


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"The Spaniard" talks about getting straight back to training after beating Daniel Roberts, how Frankie Edgar is an inspiration to him and how he got to where he is after being a Spanish teacher.


Also talks about trying to get finishes and evolving to the next level.




Really good guy and great to have him on the show. It's the first interview up there so you don't have to wait a lot for it. If you're interested there's other UFC chat and an interview with Dave O'Donnell of Cage Rage / UCMMA.

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Here are a few quotes from the show relating to his fight with Daniel Roberts last time out.




On evolving as a fighter:


To get on the PPV cards and the main cards that [finishing fights] plays a role in it. Moreso than that I think, it’s more the evolution of a fighter. To myself; the first goal is getting in the UFC, the second goal is getting a win in the UFC and staying there, and now I’ve kinda done that so I want to take my game to the next level. That’s as much me putting it [pressure to finish] on myself as anyone else.


He talks about trying to take the next step in his evolution as fighter by finishing fights. Easier said than done at the top level, but he's very upfront about it.

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