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Weekend Fight Watch: Alves vs. Kampmann


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Gret in-depth look at Kampmann vs. Alves, with stats, quotes, predictions, betting tips and more.


A Kampmann victory would look like?


He definitely has more tools to win than Alves, the issue is whether he can utilize those tools. On the floor, Kampmann has great jiu-jitsu, and he?s more than capable of subbing Alves. The issue is whether he can get the fight to the mat.


Kampmann works with great wrestlers at Xtreme Couture on a daily basis, but his strength lies more in avoiding takedowns rather than landing them. His wrestling is good, but Alves has stopped good wrestlers before. Kampmann will likely be looking for the takedown, and if he gets it, expect a submission win.


Alternatively, he could choose to stand with Alves. For most welterweights, that is a dreadful plan. But Kampmann has very tight and technical striking himself, albeit without the knockout power that Alves possesses. If he can avoid the big shots, and work his excellent clinch game, the Dane could win this standing.


Rick Story gained a lot of joy by forcing Alves onto the back-foot, and mixed his game up with takedown attempts and clinch-work. Kampmann could replicate that performance. And he used to be a middleweight, so don?t expect Alves to rag-doll him.




I think Kampmann by decision, but it depends if Alves if is life runing mode.

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I think its a decent outlook on the fight... It makes it sound like Alves has no Jiu jitsu though lol... The last time Alves was subbed was in 2005 so I think it is unfair to say that Kampmann will automatically get the sub if it goes to the ground


Alves has stuffed the takedowns of Hughes and Kos who are 2 of the top wrasslers at 170.. even when he was on his back against Story, Fitch, and Hughes he took very little damage and gets right back to his feet... I dont think Kampmann can take him down but if he does Alves should get right back up...


I see stuffed takedowns all night from both guys and i see it being a kickboxing fight with Alves getting the tko or decision.. both guys have bad luck with decisions though lol

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