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UFC DLC info released


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i think it 17 dollars (not sure in points) the dlc is complete crap' date=' they're ripping you off the international package is awful besides zombie. **** THQ[/quote']


well i only plan on getting the fighter packs which is 800 points- which i already have. i dont really care for the upgrades and whatever other **** they are dishing out since i got overeem free through facebook. i like that they have stout, oliviera, zombie, hathaway, rory, lauzon and rumble (even tho they were in the last game)


I'm tired of this DLC ****ing ********...


You pay for a full game but do not get a full game. **** you THQ' date=' **** you...[/quote']


ya its really ****ing dirty- at least they arent activision- who charge u for maps of their previous games. or ea sports- who charge u like 3 dollars for individual boxers. best dlc to come out of ea was the bf3 dlc- that was worth it.


i would prob just pay the 59p for reem lol


just make a fake facebook account' date=' u can get it off the undisputed 3 page for free


crap, i guess i'm gonna have to join facebook then


fake account bro...


The fighter packs are horrible I wanted Ellen's burger' date=' Gustafsson, Mitrione and Bonnar.




That's the DLC pack I'm looking forward to the most, I love CAFs and not going through Career a million times will be great.[/quote']


cafs suuuuuuuuck, they r so overpowered, unless u play only cafs.

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