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UFC 143 Pre-Fight Press Conference


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It was terrible. No wonder Diaz doesn't like to stick around for the beauty pagent.


"So Nick what, would it mean to you and Nate to both hold titles in the UFC?"


Nick: What do you think? That's the goal ****. You think were here to go on a losing streak and get cut.


"So Nick you've said a million times you don't like to predict outcomes because anything can happen so what do expect the outcome of this fight to be and how have you prepared?"


Nick: *Long pause* You know...*Face Palm* It is what it is i come to fight, that's it.


"So Nick we know you don't like all the media attention how have you been dealing with?"


Nick: Like a boss and i never said that, i don't mind it if you'd quit asking these **** questions.

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Diaz actually shook Carlos' hand after! Not really his style.. lol


I thought for sure when Carlos stuck it out he was going to slap it away. I guarantee that's what his little brother Nate would have done. You see he doesn't want to screw it up now because he is going to start making millions and he never would have done that if he tried to go pro in boxing. He will be minding his p's and q's from now on, but I still thought as I was watching it that he was going to slap that hand away.

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Yeah the media sucked. Ive never recalled a fight build-up that revolved around someone who isnt even going to be fighting so much. It was the first time a fighter who isnt fighting on the card was featured in the countdown(or primetime?) episodes and the media seemed more interested in whats going to happen after this fight then this fight itself.


Pretty sad.

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