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Different kinds of winners


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This is something I have noticed recently, and the primary reason fighters like Fitch are ignored. I think there are two kinds of winners in the UFC, the guys who wait out the time limit holding someone down, or point strike them (GSP recently, Dominick Cruz, Chad Mendes). Then there are the guys who will break the opponents will, tap them out, or knock them out (Diaz, JDS, Jon Jones).


Obviously there are guys who will win in both ways (Bisping, Koscheck) but a lot of the guys will fit in to either of these two categories.


People like Fitch will be ignored regardless of the wins because they are not 'beating' their opponent, sure they are winning the fight on points, but they are not breaking their opponent, so until this kind of fighter learns to break down their opponent, the UFC will ignore them


sorry if this has been done before..


another thing is I really think the UFC should do the Pride thing and have a 10 min first round, I think that would spice things up

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