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Was gsp impressed with condits performance ?


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1. Condit improved like 10 times after that fight.

2. Condit would demolish Rory in a rematch.

3. GSP was very impressed.


1 Condit HAS to improve he couldn't get any worse than that god awful display.

2 If he punches like a girl the way he did Diaz Rory would walk through him OR have to chase him all fight.Rory would show up wearing Nike hitops to chase him down.

3 GSP was impressed that a MMA fight could make him lol so hard.

There was a fight,that we are sure of ,i just know Condit was not in one.

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Seriously' date=' if MAcDonald kid was able to completely dominate Condit on their fight (yeah I know Condit won but he did got out wrestled) can you imagine how easy GSP will LnP on Condit for 5 rounds ??[/quote']


Hit the nail on the head. Don't understand how a single person could think any thing else will happen.

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