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D.A.M. (Dudes Against Morons)


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There is something wrong with the system in place. Alot of people can drive well after having a few drinks and receive automatic DUIs when they haven't caused any harm to anyone or anything. I did it for fifteen years before all the M.A.D.D. hoopla with no accidents but yet people that don't need alcohol to drive like idiots (morons) and cause accidents drive around on a daily basis unchecked. Do the authorities pull them over when they see them driving like idiots and give them the same harsh punishment as a person who has been drinking? The answer is no. They are let go with a slap on the wrist. Something has to be done about morons on the road. They cut people off, change lanes without looking or signaling, talk on their cell phones, read books, etc, etc. All of which can cause injuries and death just like a drunk driver can. There has to be harsh punishment for these morons or else the cops will let them go freely to do harm another day or the same day. The laws on using a cell phone while driving are a joke. The women had their say and created M.A.D.D. I think it's time for a program against morons, I propose D.A.M.

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