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Diaz decision by the FIGHTERS!


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dc_mma Daniel Cormier


I had it 3-2 diaz. 1and 2 diaz 3and4 condit. Diaz 5. I didnt think u could win a fight going back. Octagon control is a myth I guess.


JoeLauzon Joe Lauzon


I eagerly await fight metrics for this fight... I thought Diaz won that all night long.


RondaRousey Ronda Rousey


If I wanted to see a man run for 25 minutes I'd go to a track meet. Diaz is the real champ, what a ******** fight


SiyarTheKillerSiyar Bahadurzada


Listen guys... There is brawling, and there is scoring points! Diaz won hearts, Condit won gold! I know how striking counts, trust me! ;)


titoortiz Tito Ortiz


I had a draw! #UFC143

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Diaz didn't win the fight. I don't see how anyone can think he did. He looked good in the first two rounds but that was it. Condit dodged him in the last 3 rounds but he still kept busy. Diaz acted like a clown for the first two rounds which made it look even worse when he couldn't do anything from there on out.

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Hendo also had it for Diaz


danhendo Dan Henderson



Wow, I would not want to judge that one. I had it even after 4. And diaz in the 5th


TheCodyMcKenzie Cody McKenzie


Wow really goes to show you how bad these judges suck Carlos ran the entire time


MikeKogan Mike Kogan


****ing judges are blind. 48-47 Diaz. Steve Wonder would have scored it. @nickdiaz209 @NateDiaz209

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Tito is the only one who made sense.... how is this possible?!?


Techincally if he gave a 10-8 round to diaz in the 5th??? it would make sense. Maybe cuz he got the takedown, and secured maybe the most dominate position in MMA ( backmount ) and locked it in etc?


i didnt see a 10-8 round from Diaz, but maybe Tito was just trying to be neutral?

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