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Oz pride...a proposition on Diaz v condit!


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Why do people feel the need to bet or gamble?An opinion doesn't change any,it is just an opinion.

BTW i see Diaz winning because i do not think Condit will come in with the proper smarts or game plan.If Condit is willing to take Diaz down and fight on the ground,then i think Condit has a 80/20 chance of winning.However i think Condit will be a chicken to go to the ground and will try to trade and probably hit Diaz's arms more than Diaz.


It is not Diaz's skilled boxing that is such a hassle it is that he swings so many times his arms get in the way and has his opponents trying to cover up and counter at the same time.Plus when he moves forward backing up his opponent it forces them to not be set and have less power/accuracy on their strikes.


Condit's only hope is to get inside and connect several times before Diaz begins his flurry.

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