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Make your "frendly" bets on UFC 143!


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Would love anyone's help who wants to check out a cool new social betting app I have been working on. It's kind of like taking sig bets to the next level. FlashProps is a vehicle that allows people to compose propositions and bet on outcomes of anything and everything - tonight is the first actual public test of our prototype so check it out if you want to make propose or make some bets. No money changes hands - for now the winners just win "FlashPoints" (remember we are just in prototype stage and in the process of closing a major round of venture capital funding that will take this project to the

next level).



You can check out the app in a safari browser on iPhone or on the Andoid platform at flashpropsdemo.appspot.com



It also works via regular, non-mobile internet, but won't be as pretty as it hasn't yet been optimized for that environment.


To get all functionality, please friend me on facebook - I'm Russ Founder, and I will approve them today.


Would really love any feedback people might have about this, and would greatly appreciate it. In the future, flashprops will enable people to become subject matter experts on a huge variety of topics by making and winning bets.

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