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Circling Out is NOT RUNNING


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I don't know why I humor myself trying to teach fans MMA here....heh, but here goes.


Getting pinned up against the fence is something no fighter wants. Diaz is great at pushing people back to the fence with little paw punches then landing the hard ones on the fence. Every fighter is supposed to circle out and maintain the center of the ring. Condit did day 1 MMA, yet because Diaz refused to fight in the center and kept pushing Condit back, Condit did a lot of circling.


It is horrible that so many uninformed fans are attacking Condit for fighting a smart fight. And as far as the ones saying he lost!?! That is just crazy. Condit landed more strikes, and more damaging strikes. Condit blocked nearly everything Diaz was throwing. Diaz got one takedown. Taunting isn't scored in MMA people...


Diaz could have won the fight if he would have fought smart. But that isn't really his thing is it. Standup was clearly not working for him. He should have went for the takedown at the beginning of round 4. He also could have tried striking in the middle of the ring instead of walking him to the cage over and over with almost no striking. A pathetic performance by Diaz.

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