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Would you fight Palhares on the ground?


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I will say I didn't watch the fight, was at the hospital with son that has RSV. but from reading and watching the post show and highlights I can see Condit stick and move. a lot of people are calling Condit a wuss for not fighting Diaz's style of fight. so my question is..


If you or any other fighter were scheduled to fight Palhares, would you willingly fight him on the ground or your game plan be to take him down? And if not, are you a wuss?

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It's very hard to fight someone when they're running away.

Only Greg Jackson could turn Diaz vs Condit into a snooze fest' date=' That clown is a joke with his game plans.[/quote']


Diaz's face sure looked like he had been at a spa all day after the fight! or as your saying he wasn't in a fight, thats one heck of a rub and tug!

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