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Diaz will be back and fight GSP come on now guys


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you know he will be back..... and everyone knows dana will give him an easy fight then let him fight GSP to much money on that fight. After he talks with his brother and them he will be back.


If not then good luck nick i know he wanted to quit for a while now


Not if he fights like he did tonight he will get schooled again. Dont cry homies!

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or Diaz vs Fitch maybe. that would make sense. or the loser of ellenberger/sanchez


Not sure White wants the diaz around too much.

They dont draw that much ppv since his fan base is retarded kiddoes. fact is people got interested in this fight because of the whole GSP/Diaz no show drama and accusation that follow. now that he lost hes not even a draw anymore and those 11 years old dont buy ppv, they watch free live stream

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