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Why do people get worked up about fighters they don't know?


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Listen to this with an OPEN mind for one second


This forum is purely for fun. None of us get paid, appreciated, or anything by a fighter for defending them. Furthermore, saying "GSP is great and is an exciting fighter" does not change anyone's mind.


So basically what you have is


1. arguing about a fighter is useless because that fighter does not even know you


2. arguing about a fighter does not even get people to agree with you...all it does is make people say even more things that you don't want to hear


3. you are stressing yourself out for no reason


4. this is a forum that is SOLELY meant for having fun...so why waste even a second of your time getting stressed out for a fighter who has no clue who you even are

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Why are you assuming anybody stresses out?


I like coming here and have argumens about this and that sometimes they're smart arguments other times they're not, but I never take anything personal, nobody should it's a forum.


If someone is in fact getting stressed out in a forum then they seriously need a life...

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