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Pat Barry's GF KO's opponent in MMA fight!


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how does someone with over 8000 posts not know the rules?


They were quite recent changes, all to do with copyright law about illegal fight videos being shown through the ufc website, therefore making ufc liable to damages to the original distributor blah blah blah.


This video though is not on youtube, its on mmafighting.com and i have not provided a direct video link, so im just playing it safe is all as the mods wont warn you they will just ban you :eek:

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Go to the homepage of mmafighting.com


Scroll down to "Morning Report: Even Jon Jones Thinks Rua vs. Vera for a Title Shot Is Weird"


Hit that' date=' scroll down page for the video











he looks like he could be her dad...

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She's pretty damn cute' date=' and she's a beast in the cage. Still can't believe that Barry is going out with her tho. I saw a vid of him training here a while ago but I thought he was just her teacher, kinda crazy that they are going out. She is 20 and he is 33 but hey I'm not gonna judge either one of them.[/quote']


she's a spinner 4 sure



lol inb4barry.. it's a compliment I promise

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