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Dana White calls for Forrest Griffin to retire from the sport


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Forrest has been done since Anderson Silva pulled a soul taking a la BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez.


Exactly. Forrest is just in it for the money. He has ZERO shot at any belt. He still has something left in the tank, but the dude is not going to be sniffing anywhere near a championship fight.

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Forrest makes $400' date='000 a fight, he aint walking away from that any time soon.[/quote']


Forrest makes a lot more than 400,000 a fight, I'd bet my life on it. I don't even mean because of the sponsors either, but the UFC pays way more than they announce, I've said this forever and you idiots don't listen, then McCall was announced to be paid 9,000 and he came out and stated he was paid 80,000 for his second fight with DJ from the UFC.


Lorenzo has stated Jon Jones, Georges St. Pierre and Anderson all make over 10 million from the UFC alone a year. That's a lot after you consider sponsors, commercials ect.

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