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Whats new people?


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yeah' date='. Paka is a can,, He changed over the past year[/quote']


power has gone to his head


Krangs I have looked everywhere I have went' date=' I can not fing VB[/quote']


srs... that's werid... You might have to make a trip out here....

Also should get Steve to drink a case and see what he thinks when he is out here...

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Meh i won't miss them. Mik was alright but was a truffle shuffle and gif spammer and ufcitolduso was a very stubborn libtard from what i recall.


Mik = jonbonesjonesfan


lol haven't truffle shuffled in a while... nor have I spammed in a bit...

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sittin here havin a beer. bout to load my bike into the car, go grab more beer and some snacks, roll a bunch of weed and head for the hills. gonna get completely trashed and bomb some trails. its always a good rush


last day of riding season with the cold weather approaching. cant pass this up now. peace out forum felchers.


if u dont hear from me after this it means im probably getting eaten by a grizzly bear. lol last time i went bombin down the mountainside i scared one off and made it carlos condit away from me in fear of my left hook. No id like to believe it was like that but it actually heard me coming pretty fast and jumped off into the bush. i think it was more spooked than i was

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