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Phelps Greatest athlete ever?


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I agree with Coe here:


Coe, a twice 1,500m Olympic champion, said: ?I think you can say it is self-evident that he is the most successful. I am not sure he is the greatest.


?It is a pretty good haul, but who is the greatest? In my opinion he is probably not.?


Who acres how many swimming medals he has? Its swimming.That isn't even a sport. Its an activity. Unless someone is trying to sink you.

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Calling Phelps a non athlete is insulting to say the least when you take into consideration exactly how much time, effort, physical endurance, strengthening, sacrifice etc it takes to be able to swim and dominate at his level.


Swimming is no less of a sport than any other sport out there. It requires strength, edurance, muscle control, and the skills to put it all together into a winning package. No different than any other sport.


Saying swimmers are non athletes is a pretty ignorant statement.

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