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Schaub vs Johnson...What's your prediction?


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Do you guys think Brendan Schaub is going to try and submit Lavar Johnson? I think his game plan will be to bring the fight in the 2nd round and submit him. Reason why I think this is because Schaub is coming off of two straight knockout losses, and then he asks Joe Silva if he can fight Johnson. We all know that Schaub doesn't have much of a chin, so if he were to get hit by Johnson who has more KO power than Big Nog and Rothwell(does he?), he's definitely going to sleep. Schaub talked a few times about training hard in BJJ, so I think he wants to use it in this fight cause he knows his back is against the wall, and it's a big risk to stand and trade with Lavar. Also, it's obvious that the ground game is Lavar's weakness as we seen in his past fights, even against Pat Barry.



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