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Most Embarassing Wins In UFC history.


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This thread is specifically aimed at the fighters that won the fight. Fights that are were won in embarrassing fashion for the winner, fights that were more competitive than they should have been or employed dirty tactics to win. Fights with poor judging ridiculous outcomes. So i will start it off with my suggestions..


1. Fight - GSP vs Shields

reason- Gsp winning a close fight against jake shields in a standup match, jake shields almost winning the fight with his terrible standup and GSP wanting to throw in the towel mid-fight.


2. Fight Shogun vs Mark Coleman 2

reason Shogun almost loosing a competitive fight against an aging mark coleman, Which really was an embarrassment for shogun fans.


3. Fight - GSP vs Hardy

reason - GSP controlling hardy for 5 rounds and getting hardy into numerous Submission holds but being unable to finish a rather basic submission upon hardy. Ending up with a decision win.


Please feel free to add more...

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In GSP's defense' date=' Jake Shields was deliberately poking him in the eye. To a lot of people, this is the equivalent to a groin strike.[/quote']

I agree. I had GSP winning another boring 50-45 decision to be honest, and was surprised that only one of the three judges agreed. That fight was a huge disappointment, but I don't think it was an embarrassing win for GSP at all. He was throwing big overhand rights trying to rock Shields but couldn't connect. His eye had to hurt like mad and he couldn't see out of it at all (they initially feared permanent damage but fortunately it was able to heal). GSP is also lucky the doctor didn't get called in to stop the fight because of his vision. I would probably quit if I thought I could be blind in one eye forever. The blame for the boring fight also belongs to Jake Shields in equal proportion, if not more. He didn't do anything the whole fight and couldn't even get it to the ground to use his ju-jitsu skills. Even though GSP's eye didn't look as freaky as Mark Hominick's giant hematoma that night, in many ways it was a lot, lot worse.

Hammil vs Jones has to take the cake.

Absolutely. I've never seen Hammil get destroyed like that. He had absolutely nothing for Jones and was getting tossed around and beat up like a schoolgirl when he got the world's biggest gift of a DQ victory. Imagine "winning" a fight when you're on your back, nose and face smashed, shoulder dislocated, while the guy you "beat" is unscathed and in the process of beating you unconscious with elbows.


Another embarrassing win via DQ would be Carlos Prater over Erick Silva. That was a true gift - nothing like getting owned in the first minute of the first round and the referee giving you a gift win.


I think both Leonard Garcia and Nick Ring should be embarrassed over being on the receiving end of a couple of gift decisions. I love how Garcia actually had the audacity to say that he beat both Nam Phan and the Korean Zombie the first time around and that the judges' decisions were somehow correct. The same goes for Nick Ring over Riki Fukuda (a fight he definitely lost) and possibly his lucky win over Court McGee.

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Faber vs Barao


Barao jumping around like a monkey' date=' confirming everyone's speculation that his low browed snagly tooth faced was that of the missing link.[/quote']


the win itself was very dominant and he was happy he won the belt


he was very nice to faber at the presser...

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Erick Silva vs Carlo Prater? I mean I actually thought he punched the guy in the back of the head 4-5 times, but the ref gave no warnings and his opponent was dropped, moving around a bit and the strikes didn't seem blatant. A warning? A point deduction? Okay but stopping the fight seemed ridiculous.


Carlos Condit vs Rory MacDonald? I remember rooting for Condit too, but I was really surprised when they pulled Condit off with 10 seconds left and he was only throwing sissy little taps on Rory. I mean I've sooooo many situations where guys have endured way more punishment with no stoppage, it almost seemed fixed.



PS: Condit fans saying " Rory said it was the right stoppage " he's just being modest, making excuses and holding onto the past won't help anything, it's over. But go watch that fight and tell me it was a good stoppage. :rolleyes:

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