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Machida willing to drop to Middleweight


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i dont know whats the point if he cant fight for the title... unless silva goes up or WW...


but i mean he was 201 ? does he cut or did he just cut too much this time ?


No he said that hos walkaround weight is 205-210, but along with his move this year to LA he has made changes to his training and diet

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he could actually fight at 170 ! (probably with the dolce diet' date=' rather easy) [b']should've done it sooner though[/b]


do you know at which weight johnny hendricks walks around ? or chael ?

they both use the dolce diet..

and i'm just saying he COULD (probably if he was youngeR)


No way man' date=' not at 34 years old, maybe 10 years ago. I'm not saying he can't drop to 170 but he'll be a pushover.[/quote']



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