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UFC on fox 4 picks! Who you got?


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Vitor is the biggest threat to Anderson. Vitor is the strongest physically, he still has 205 strength. Example look what he did to Franklin, he steam rolled him and had some serious power to KO Rich with just a glancing blow. vitor has the speed to land and if he does he can take the belt. Anderson does not have a great chin and Vitor is as fast as they come. And Vitor is a blackbelt as well so that would be a match-up I want to see. We didnt really get to see them fight or clinch just generally feel what the other has. The kick was beutiful, but an impobable outcome. I dont call it lucky cause it was a well dissected then executed kick but I think number 2willl go different, in the same way JDS and Cain will, . If Rashad fights anderson that would be a bad match up for anderson as well, rshad is superfast, he has KO power, and Im sure he could get him down and make him fight, and I was impressed with Rashad va Jones and Rashas had to over come spygate, with Van Arsdale going to Blackzilliansto watch Evans, Melvin, and some other future compettiion

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