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Serves Gomez right


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Her face' date=' from what I can see.[/quote']


lol get glasses bro


GTFO and commit suicide.




Whoa' date=' just because I don't share the same tastes in woman as you do, doesn't mean I should commit suicide. Take it easy.[/quote']


lol its just weird


Baby baby baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhh


and he jut got KTFO out out

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I don't need glasses. What's weird? Not everyone has your taste in women.


Everytime someone puts a pic of an obviously attractive woman (in the eyes of the vast majority), you always say something like ewwwwww or what's wrong with her face?


What's your problem?

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Eww' date=' she looks 12. Do you have a fetish for young girls or something?[/quote']


eww?!? you high???? she's 16. im only 18. no pedo ****


I watched the fight but didn't notice the song he came out to(was preparing snacks for the Fox card). What did he come out to?


baby-justin beber

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Chuck I was preparing some pigs in a blanket and some cheese dip that consists of Velveeta' date=' sausage, and Rotel Tomatoes. Of course I have beer stocked in the fridge bro.


Anyway wtf did he come out to?[/quote']


that sounds pretty good. I guess he came out to Justin beiber. I missed it

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