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What spoiled the UFC for you?


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would have to say too many cards with weak fights have ruined and spoiled UFC for me, UFC is very stale now and i rarely buy any PPV now, i did buy UFC 146 and i enjoyed it alot.. it was awesome, the rest of the events just aren't worth it and there is way too many cards. the lighter weight classes are mostly too blame for all of this, since they came thats when it all changed and UFC did tons more watered down cards with guys that most fans never even heard of.


we now get about 35 shows a year and most of the cards are full of no names or fully grown men fighting that weigh the same as my German Shepherd. It just seems so stale now and i don't get too excitied, i know most people feel the same as me and agree. the PPV numbers are very poor now and haven't really improved since 2004.


I hope UFC will do 6 PPV's a year and get rid of fuel and FX and maybe do 2 fox shows a year and thats it. 8 totally stacked cards for the whole year and the sport will be alive again instead of heading down the drain the way it is. Discuss.......

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