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Attention haters. Joe Lauzon


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and the 12er bandwagon begins here....


Been on this band wagon for as long as I've been a fan of the sport, I support my fellow m****s you Aussie Nit. You can ask Enidfightclub when he shows up to put on his shiny new 12er sig.

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It will all depend on how the next two fights go' date=' but personally I would go this way so far:


FOTN: Varner/Lauzon


KOTN: Moraga


SOTN: Yahya[/quote']


I agree with this. However if Lauzon and Varner get robbed of FOTN I think Lauzon deserves SOTN because of the war he went thru before he got it. Yahya just manhandled Grispi and made it look easy, despite the impressiveness of the submission.


Though I will admit I am very biased.

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From the UFC twitter account.


Main card cleans up on #UFConFOX bonuses - Lauzon/Varner Fight of the Night, Lauzon Sub of the Night, Swick KO of the Night 50K each


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I called it. There is some justice in this world.

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